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                            About Us

Are you looking for a trustworthy, family-owned appliance repair shop in Marion County? Congratulations—you’ve struck gold with  Alwayz Appliance ! We’ve been proudly serving our neighbors in Ocala and sounding areas for several years, creating a reputation based on the best in service and lasting results. Our specialty is in household appliances, also known as the bread and butter of your home. With all the gadgets you rely on to make your life easier, it can all come crumbling down with one stove gone kaput or a cranky dishwasher.

Just how much you rely on your appliances probably crept up on you. Is it really that big of a deal to hang-dry clothes, pop popcorn on the stove instead of the microwave or wash dishes by hand? Yes, if you’re used to appliances doing the tough jobs for you.

We get it—you’re busy. We are, too. Fortunately, at Alwayz there Appliance repair we’re busy making sure our  area neighbors get the most out of their investments. It may not seem like it, but today’s appliances can sometimes cost as much as a used car. Whether you have a penchant for chef-quality stoves or just had to have that high tech fridge, we’ll treat your investments like our own.

Isn’t that what you and your home deserve?

             As Unique as Your Tastes

There’s a very good reason you picked that dryer or that specific garbage disposal. You probably did a lot of research and maybe even scored a deal for the record books. When an appliance stops working like it should, it’s not just stressful (and makes you work double time), it can also make you feel like your efforts were in vain. At Alwayz there Appliance , we know how frustrating a non-working appliance can be.

Our approach to service and repairs is just as unique as your preference for certain appliances. We take it seriously—but not without a smile. When Alwayz there Appliances was founded, we wanted to create a small business that was brimming with pride in our approach and overflowing with plenty of satisfied customers. There’s a reason we’ve stayed local with no desire to expand: 

But enough about us. We’re excited to learn more about you, your appliances and how we can make your daily grind a little easier. Microwave on the fritz? Freezer not freezing? Give us a call. We can’t wait to serve you.

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